My creative journey so far.

Hi, I’m Shaylea! I’m a wife to my favorite human being on the planet, dog mom to one very handsome Charles Barkley and sibling to none. I’m just one piece of Matchstick Wax Co. I had the idea but I’ve worked with so many professionals, been comforted and supported by friends/family and sought advice from a network of amazing human beings for Matchstick to be where it is today and have a plan for the future.

I searched for a very long time for a creative outlet that suited me. Dance, story writing, painting, sketching – all things I didn’t enjoy and wasn’t great at. I remember learning that these are the areas to be creative in school and honestly - I felt horribly disappointed when I didn’t find satisfaction in these areas. I felt like something was wrong with me.

Fast forward to when I started decorating our home, baking, decorating for events, planned a total DIY wedding, making candles and diving into photography. I finally found some things to feel good about, things that fit and the more I dabbled in these areas the more confident I became. 

Being a creative doesn’t mean you can create a masterpiece with a paintbrush (though it can, I'm thinking of you Tyler!) – it means you have a desire to create something, anything. You might be able to create some really intense spreadsheets in excel, maybe you can make the best tasting meal out of all the left overs in your fridge or you look stunning in every outfit wear. These things might not be the norm when we refer to being a creative but you are!

This journey is constantly evolving for us, I’m always learning that I’m capable of something that I didn’t realize before. I’m starting to learn that you’re capable when you love something, no matter what it is. You’re capable of being a good parent, capable of having a successful marriage and capable of starting a business from scratch – if you love it, whatever “it” is to you.

Have you struggled with finding what you’re good at? Are you believing the lie that you have no talents and you aren't creative? Please stop! Get out there, try a new class, look something you've been interested in on youtube and surround yourself with people who believe in you. You seriously never know where that will take you.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful weekend!

-          Shaylea

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